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Production of Accessories for Leather Goods and Footwear since 1986

RGF srl is a Company that produces metal accessories for leather goods and footwear for fashion and luxury brands.

The Company RGF was established in 1986 by Riccardo Frullini and is located in Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, in an industrial warehouse including the operation departments and the management offices

RGF srl stands by the customer from the early stages of design and prototyping up to the industrialization process and the creation of the final product on a large scale, following the customer’s requirements and specifications

The large company headquarters, located in Sesto Fiorentino in the industrial area, is constantly updated and developed, in order to follow and anticipate market trends in order to be able to offer its customers an always cutting-edge service.

The strog know-how of RGF makes it the ideal partner for customers looking for the highest quality of the product with great attention to detail.

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Through these frames we are going to describe you the Company vision and how we follow the requests of our customers, from the first prototype to the industrialization of the product on a large scale.

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We are able to cover all the production processes needed for the production of fashion accessories.

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CNC Machining

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Vibratory finishing

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Assembly and packaging

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Quality Control

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Know-how and services

The real strength of our company lies in the preventive analysis of the project, in order to be able to suggest different solutions in order to optimize the production process.


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You can find us here

  • Via Aldo Moro, 1 - 50019 - Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)

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